Our story

Afoyo Hair & Skin care was born out of my pain.

Interestingly, the word ''Afoyo'' is of Luo origin (group of tribes across Africa, predominantly East Africa) and translates to ''I am thankful /Gratitude''

I was going through a really painful personal experience that left me feeling lost and questioning my purpose. On paper, I had ticked off most of the ''socially expected achievements'' but my spirit had been falling deeper and deeper into a hole of pain and emptiness.

One thing that I had always felt passionate about was the beauty of Afro-textured hair. It broke my heart when anyone blessed with this texture hair did not see it's wonder. I had previously DIY'd some of my own hair and skin products for myself, family and friends which worked so well for their hair and skin issues. But it was never something I took seriously enough...or even considered that I could be of service to others outside of my immediate circle.

However, after my mum successfully completed a face care formulation course and was making INCREDIBLE face care products (Zella Natural skin 👌🏾), it lit up a fire within me that had been burning out due to my painful experience. I felt a strong calling within me to do the same, but for hair care since this had always been a passion of mine.

I put in the hours to learn how to formulate products that were safe, natural and worked. Ayurveda herbs have always been an interest of mine so without a doubt, I was going to incorporate their powerful healing properties in the product line.

Every time people use my products and share with me how their Afro-textured hair has become more manageable, healthier, or how they are falling in love with their hair again, my soul smiles with gratitude.

I am grateful to be of service. There is no greater purpose. Afoyo 🙏🏾