Hey there, fabulous naturalistas!

I am very sure that you have, on numerous occasions, experienced your hair feeling as dry as the Sahara desert! Dry hair is a common frustration in the natural hair community, but don’t worry sis, I got you.

I am here to guide you through the desert storms to a lush oasis of hydration! So grab your shea butter and your favourite wide-tooth comb, because we are about to dive into some juicy solutions  for your thirsty strands!


1. Moisture, moisture, moisture!

Picture your hair as a plant – it relies on water to thrive!

Afro hair has a unique structure that makes it more prone to dryness. It’s spiral shape makes it that much harder for natural oils (sebum) to travel from the scalp down to the ends- this results in dryness of hair, especially the parts between the middle to the ends of the hair. Understanding this is the key to helping our hair to thrive!

Water is the ultimate elixir for thirsty dry hair. Spritz your hair with water regularly to maintain moisture. Pair it with a great quality leave-in conditioner to seal in the hydration and keep your curls soft and supple!

2. Steaming and Deep conditioning voodoo

Treat your hair to a spa day with steam treatments and deep conditioning sessions!

Steam opens up the hair cuticles, allowing deep penetration of moisture, while a good quality deep conditioner revives the vitality of your thirsty strands after the shampoo has stripped out those nourishing oils.

If you prefer to whip up a DIY deep conditioner, take advantage of avocado, banana or honey hair mask and let the nourishment sink in. Bonus: It’s a great way to use those overly ripe fruits, plus honey does an excellent job in retaining hydration! Just make sure to properly filter the DIY hair mask before applying to hair

Funny story: So, I once tried a DIY hair mask using mashed bananas. Let’s just say my hair smelled like a tropical paradise, but getting the banana bits out of my ‘fro was an adventure and a half! Lesson learned – some things are better enjoyed in a smoothie than as a hair treatment hahaa!

3. Seal it in with your shield

Natural oils and butters are LITERALLY your hair’s best friend! Think of them as the guardians of moisture, locking in all that hydration that your ‘fro craves.

There are so many to pick from: Jojoba, Grapeseed, Avocado, and Castor are champions in this league, each offering unique benefits. These oils aren’t just sealants; they also provide nourishment, promote hair growth and enhance softness. They act as a shield, protecting our hair strands from external stressors like pollution and heat.

Religiously practice the LOC (Liquid/Oil/Cream) or LCO (Liquid/Cream/Oil) method! I personally use the LOC method: I spritz my hair, then follow up by sealing with Nourish: Hair Growth Booster, and finally seal the deal with Moisturise: Intense Hair Moisturiser to ensure lasting hydration for days!

4. Trim those split ends, sis - let them go!

Sometimes dryness is just a sign that your ends need a little love. Don’t be afraid to snip away those split ends. Split ends are the culprit sabotaging your hair’s health!

DIY vs. Professionals? So, DIY trims are a great quick fix no doubt. However seeking professional help ensures precision and expertise! So while doing it yourself is great, try to get the professionals to have a look at your ends…at least once or twice a year!

Freshly trimmed ends not only help to prevent breakage, but they also allow better product absorption, which aids in moisture retention!

So there you go, lovelies! Conquering our dry hair is an adventure, but armed with the right products and techniques, you will transform your hair into a luscious, hydrated paradise! Embrace the journey, enjoy experimenting and remember: Go forth, rock your gorgeous crown and stay fabulous!

Remember, this journey to hydrated hair is not just about solving dryness; it is about learning to embrace our unique hair and having fun along the journey!

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